How to Rotate Tires

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If you want to drive safely and comfortably, then proper tire care is a must. And while you might check your air pressure and tread periodically at home, do you know how to rotate tires? Most drivers leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, but it's still a good idea to learn the basics of rotating tires to understand the importance of regular services. Let's walk through the info that you need about how often to rotate tires with Chicago Northside Toyota, serving Oak Park and Cicero.

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The Importance of Rotating Tires

Before we get into how to rotate tires, it's important to review a few things. Different vehicles come with different drivetrain configurations. You might know them as all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive. In a front-wheel drive vehicle, for example, the front wheels take the brunt of the force when driving. This leads to uneven wear, leaving your front tires bald while your rear tires are still covered with good tread! Rotating tires will balance out the uneven wear, and that means you get more life out of every set. You'll enjoy a better performance and safer ride, while spending less money on tire replacements.

How Often to Rotate Tires

So if rotating tires is so important, how often do you have to schedule your service? Not as often as you might think. Most technicians recommend rotating tires as often as you change the oil. Generally speaking, that equals about two trips to the dealership per year. Depending on your driving habits and car type, your technician will choose a tire rotation pattern that best utilizes your set:

  • Front-Wheel Drive: Your front and rear tires swap places in a criss-crossed pattern.
  • Directional Tires: Tires move from front to back on the same side of the vehicle.
  • Different Sized Set: Each tire is rotated to the opposite side of the same axle to maintain balance.

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Whether you're in need of a tire rotation or a new set of winter tires, the technicians at Chicago Northside Toyota are happy to help. Contact us for more advice about when to schedule your next service, and stop by for all of your auto-related needs!

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