Get Connectivity And Audio With Entune from Toyota

It is not enough to have multimedia, these days technology has gotten so advanced that you can actually enjoy near cinema quality video and crisp and clear audio from your vehicle. This is the case with Toyota as they offer their Entune technology which allows you to experience multimedia at a very high quality.

One feature that you can get from your vehicle is Entune premium audio. This allows you to listen to music in unmatched quality. This also gives you a chance to hear all of the instruments in the music track including those that have been drowned out from other lower quality audio sources. The 6.1-inch touchscreen allows you to deal with the settings of your music so that you can bring it to life. You can also manage your playlist.

Take your multimedia to the next level when you visit us at Chicago Northside Toyota. We will allow you to experience a demonstration of the vehicle's multimedia capabilities.



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