man deep cleaning leather seats 

There's nothing like a gorgeous leather interior to make you feel like you're driving in style, but without the proper maintenance, that beautiful finish can turn into a dingy mess faster than you might imagine! Learning how to clean leather seats is an important part of your auto maintenance routine, and it's not at all difficult with the right tools at your disposal. Let's dive into the basics of cleaning leather car seats like a pro!

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Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Before you get to business, it's important to read up on the materials in your vehicle. Take a look at your owner's manual for specific advice about your finish. For example, if you have perforated leather seating, you'll need to be careful not to let cleansers and water get into the holes. Your manual might also recommend products or tell you which products to avoid.

  1. Vacuum the car seats to remove any crumbs or debris. Move carefully! Just like you can sufferexterior car scratches, your leather can easily scratch as well.
  2. Use your chosen leather cleaner with a microfiber towel to scrub away the initial layer of dirt and grime.
  3. Grab a leather brush for deeper stains. This loosens the debris and helps you remove it easily.
  4. Wipe clean with a fresh, dry microfiber towel and put away your supplies until the next season.
2019 Toyota Avalon leather seats

Conditioning Your Leather Seats

While cleaning removes dirt and debris, conditioning maintains the moisture levels of the leather to prevent cracking and dryness. Don't skimp! Pick out a high-quality leather conditioner that will really soak into the seat's surface, rather than leave a film on the top.

  1. Apply leather conditioner to the seats with a microfiber cloth.
  2. Massage the conditioner into the surface and try not to overapply.
  3. Keep your car in the shade overnight, letting the conditioner soak in.
  4. Buff seats with a clean microfiber the next day.

If you need help choosing a leather cleaner or a leather conditioner, the experts at our service center can help.

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