Chicago Northside Toyota is excited to introduce LoJack, a state-of-the-art system keeping you more connected to your vehicle. A stolen vehicle can be financially and emotionally devastating, and occurrences of vehicle theft are rising every year. Our Chicago Toyota dealership is excited to help equip customers with LoJack, an easy-to-use, effective safety system to help protect your investment and your loved ones.

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Connected Car Technology allows users to access crucial information about their vehicle, including live location. Customers are notified about vehicle theft in seconds and can easily contact the proper authorities so carjackers can be stopped in their tracks. As the only system directly integrated with law enforcement, LoJack presents a 98% vehicle recovery rate, with a 26-minute average vehicle recovery time.

LoJack goes beyond protecting your vehicle in the event of theft by providing an array of smart features that can be utilized daily for your peace of mind

  • Vehicle Location – Easily check where your car or SUV is at any time, such as when parked in a crowded lot.
  • Service Reminders – Receive notifications when your vehicle is due for service.
  • Recall Notifications – Get an alert if your vehicle needs to be brought into our car dealership for any recall maintenance.
  • Driving Behavior Alerts – Learn how drivers of your vehicle are preforming, including alerts for speeding.
  • Battery Alerts – See your battery level at any time and receive low battery alerts.
  • Key Locations – Set digital Geofences around significant locations and receive notifications when loved ones leave or arrive. Users can also view trip history of where the vehicle has travelled.
  • Stolen Vehicle Financial Guarantee – Receive up to $10,000 reimbursement if your stolen vehicle is not recovered in 30 days.

Our Chicago Northside Toyota dealer looks forward to helping customers stay safe and protect their vehicles against theft with LoJack. Visit Chicago Northside Toyota today, schedule Toyota service, or contact us using the following form to learn more.

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