Spring Car Maintenance

The cold weather has passed and the temperatures are creeping up. It's time to schedule some spring car maintenance. A little spring cleaning ensures that your vehicle is clean, safe, and ready for adventures in the sunshine. From checking the tires to detailing the exterior, taking care of maintenance early will prevent tons of headaches down the road.

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

You can start to tackle your spring vehicle maintenance checklist with a quick DIY inspection on a free afternoon. Here are some areas to check:
  • Wipers: Examine for damage, and replace if necessary.
  • Tires: Look at the tread and check the inflation levels.
  • Exterior: This is a great time for a wash and wax, while checking for paint damage.
  • Interior: Recondition the leather, clean the upholstery, and vacuum the cabin.

Professional Service

Even with the best spring car maintenance tips in your hand, sometimes you just need a professional's eye to really assess the health and condition of your car. The service department at Chicago Northside Toyota can handle more labor-intensive tasks like:
  • Oil changes
  • Fluid top-off
  • Hose and belt inspection
  • Engine tune-up
  • Brake system check
  • And more!

Schedule Your Service Today!

Check spring vehicle maintenance off your task list by scheduling a service with our technicians today. Chicago Northside Toyota is just a short drive away from Cicero and Oak Park, so don't hesitate to visit for all your automotive needs.
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