2018 Toyota Tacoma vs. 2018 Chevy Colorado

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2018 Toyota Tacoma

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2018 Chevy Colorado


Chicago drivers often weigh the pros and cons of the Toyota Tacoma vs. Chevy Colorado when choosing a brand new truck. While the Colorado has its share of fans, we think that the Toyota Tacoma is the better option for Cicero and Oak Park drivers. Not only does it possess lightning-fast speed and unbelievable handling, but its capabilities far surpass the Chevy Colorado specs.


The Toyota Tacoma specs highlight a vehicle that was built to excel at both work and play. For everyday convenience, the base Tacoma includes an automatic transmission - an optional feature for the base Chevy Colorado. The Tacoma 4x4 has larger front brake rotors, which leads to better braking ability. In fact, Car and Driver found that the Tacoma stopped over 10 feet shorter than the Colorado! Finally, Motor Trend pitted the Tacoma's V6 vs. the Colorado's 4-cylinder. The Tacoma zoomed from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds, while it took the Colorado a whopping 9.3 seconds to do the same!


The superiority of the Toyota Tacoma performance is even more obvious when comparing payload. The Tacoma has a much higher standard payload capacity in nearly every variation. When comparing extended cab models, the Tacoma has a payload capacity of 1,620 pounds and the Colorado maxes out at 1,382 pounds. That's a difference of over 200 pounds! You can also improve the performance of your Tacoma with available parts and accessories.

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