2018 Toyota Corolla vs. 2018 Mazda3

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Between the Toyota Corolla vs. Mazda3, which vehicle offers the safety and protection that you deserve? Both cars are equipped with the basics that you'd expect: advanced airbags, daytime running lights, four-wheel antilock brakes, and much more. However, the Toyota Corolla consistently earns top scores for its incredible safety features and performance on the road. For example, the Corolla features a driver alert monitor to prevent injuries related to drowsy driving. The Mazda3 does not. And when the two models were tested by the NHTSA in a side impact test, the Corolla earned five stars across the board. The Mazda3 only earned four stars for its front seat safety.

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While both sedans are fairly affordable, the Toyota Corolla offers terrific value that the Mazda3 can't match. IntelliChoice compared the resale values of both models and found that the Corolla retains between 46 to 47 percent of it original value after five years. The Mazda3 falls short with just 40 to 46 percent of its original value. Plus, Toyota has a fantastic warranty plan that includes two years or 25,000 miles of schedule maintenance. This includes common services like oil changes and lubrication. What if you need an oil change on your Mazda3? You'll have to pay out of pocket. And when you want to take advantage of your outstanding Corolla warranty, you can easily find a certified dealership. There are twice as many Toyota dealerships in the United States as Mazda dealerships.

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Between the two vehicles, the Toyota Corolla has a few advantages when it comes to handling. First, the Corolla may be equipped with a continuously variable transmission. The CVT optimizes your engine performance, which boosts efficiency and improves the road feel. The Mazda3 does not offer this option at all. Also, Motor Trend tested the two on the track and found that the Corolla stopped much shorter than the Mazda3. The Corolla came to a dead stop from 60 mph in just 118 feet, while the Mazda3 took 126 to do the same.

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Test Drive Your Next Sedan!

So between the Toyota Corolla vs. Mazda3, which has the best bang for your buck? The Toyota Corolla is our winner! Not only does the Corolla outperform the Mazda3, but it beats competitors like the Hyundai Elantra as well. Why not take it for a spin at Chicago Northside Toyota? Contact us today to set up your test drive!

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