Chicago drivers looking for true quality and reliability in a pre-owned car know to turn to the used vehicles of Toyota. From there, it's important to consider a range of factors as you shop around, such as price, personality, efficiency, age, and more! Knowing what is good mileage for a used car can help, especially for vehicles under $10,000, but there's a lot more to it than a set of numbers on an odometer. Find out more below with the experts at Chicago Northside Toyota!

Used Car Mileage vs. Age

Good mileage for a used car exists in a range, particularly with regard to the vehicle's age. An older vehicle with lower mileage may be less of a bargain than it seems, while a newer vehicle with recent engineering innovations that have increased its lifespan may be a more certain fit. Consider the following criteria as you search around Glenview and Naperville for a used vehicle:

  • Pricing: Because of the misconception that a lower mileage vehicle is always better, they're much more likely to be overpriced. 
  • Vehicle History: A well-documented maintenance record will reveal any accidents or repairs, as well as how the vehicle has been cared for over the years. Although higher mileage can indicate more wear, if the vehicle has been properly maintained, this makes a serious difference in its longevity. 
  • Vehicle Use: For cars that were not regularly used, a range of issues may be present that are not readily apparent when shopping. An older vehicle with less mileage may indicate that it sat for longer periods of time.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Now that we've more closely considered the issue of good mileage for a used car, let's take a look at more of the nuanced elements of used car buying:

  • Condition: It's crucial to have a trusted mechanic look over the used car you're considering before you purchase to determine the likelihood and timeframe of potential repairs as you travel around Burr Ridge. 
  • Usage: Constant braking and acceleration in city-driving conditions contrasts sharply with the wear on a vehicle that has spent most of its time on the highway. Knowing how the previous owner used the vehicle can help determine your expected budget. 
  • Location: Climates exact differing amounts of wear on a vehicle. Consider that wilder seasonal fluctuations, as well as wetter and/or colder weather conditions, may do more harm.

Find Reliable Pre-Owned Vehicles at Chicago Northside Toyota

Whatever you're searching for--a reliable commuter car, the perfect family vehicle, or a durable pickup for those daily tasks and weekend adventures--you can find it at Chicago Northside Toyota. Value your trade-in to make extra room in your budget for that certified pre-owned you've had your eye on, or simply contact our Chicago used car dealership to speak with one of our finance specialists today! You can even take a virtual test drive of your favorite model without ever leaving the comfort of your home.